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On Sunday, July 23, 1944, after fourteen years of phenomenal ministry in Charlotte, God called Dr. A.G. Garr home. For nearly 50 years Dr. Garr championed the cause of Christ in almost every state in the Union. Receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1906, he was the first white pastor to carry the news of this outpouring to China. He had traveled around the world three times preaching to every known nationality. For seven years he traveled as a missionary through the Orient, including China, Japan, Ceylon, India and even to the remote borders of Tibet.

The ministry of Garr Auditorium would continue with Mrs. Hannah Garr…

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Hannah Garr serves as Lead Pastor from July 23, 1944 till July 1, 1973

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alfred g. garr, jr.

Alfred G. Garr, Jr. serves as Co-Pastor from December 31, 1945 till 1983, when he becomes the full-time Camp Director at Camp Lurecrest